Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Break Get-A-Way

WOW! What a fun but quick weekend. Jake and I went to visit Janet, Lisa, and Tyler. We spent Saturday, October 8, 2011, in San Francisco. It was quite a foggy day with the fog horn blasting in the not so far distance. We toured an old fort, watched the Parade of Ships, walked to the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, and saw an airshow. Sunday, Jake and I visited a Gilroy ward in Janet's neighborhood and chilled the rest of the day. Monday, we did some shopping at the outlet malls and returned home that evening.

Jake and Tyler near one of the cannons that was once used at the fort.

At the fort.

Aircraft carrier was the first to make its way into the harbor. Its hard to see because of the fog, but, along the upper edge of the carrier are all the naval personnel. There were also several jets up on the deck.

Jake and Tyler in one of the circular staircases in the fort.

On the Golden Gate Bridge. Jake was ready to get off the bridge at this point. He wasn't too thrilled about the height and the swaying of the bridge.

The Blue Angels.

Walmart merchandise coming in to port.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey Family, how is everything going?! Well, I finally know where I'm at in Calgary. I got transferred to a place called Magrath. Its a small farm town about 2 hours south from Calgary. I'm serving in the Temple district, but right when I got there the mission president changed the p-day from Wednesday to Monday so now none of us can go to the temple on p-days. I got a really cool companion. His name is Elder Flygar. He's from Bountiful, Utah. He's a sweet trainer. I live with him in a member's home down in the basement. She's a sweet old lady and its like having a grandma in Canada.

Everyone here in Magrath is LDS so its hard to find investigators to teach. It kinda bumms me out because now I feel like a home teacher rather than a missionary, but we do have some people we are teachin. There's this one family that we committed to being married so that they can all be baptized. This family is progressing and that's what counts. So hopefully they'll be baptized by the middle of July. So that's what's going on for missionary work.

The people here in Magrath feed us soooo much! Its crazy! I'm lookinig forward to gaining some weight! I've never eaten so much in my life, I love it! Farmers really sure know how to feed us missionaries.

I'm learning so much here. The scriptures have really enlarged my memory in keeping the commandments. My prayers have been more meaningful than they've ever been. I know that Heavenly Father is watching over us.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have returned! I haven't posted since October? Where have I been? Well, I'm back and I hope I can keep my blog more up to date with summer here. I think I will have a little more time. A lot has happened since my last post:

Jared received his mission call to the Canada Calgary Mission. He reports to Calgary on June 16th. He enjoys the temple. We took him to the MTC May 26th. While we were in Salt Lake we enjoyed doing a live session in the Salt Lake Temple.

Curt and Jacque allowed us to borrow their blazer while they were finishing up their vacation in San Diego. We met up with them late Tuesday evening. What a joyous reunion! I was so happy Jared could spend some time with them before he had to report to the MTC. My Aunt Jean, who lives in Orem, opened her home to us. She was the best hostess! We had lunch with Lenore and Mike Stevens and Andrew and Madison came along to. How great to see old friends. We witnessed several little miracles for Jared on this short trip. A man at the SLC airport, who happened to be on our flight, shook hands with Jared at the luggage claim and gave him a hundred dollar bill in that handshake. The man quickly slipped away before we realized what happened and we didn't get the chance to thank him. This was a sweet blessing to Jared for him to be the recipient of a somewhat annonymous gift. All went well when we dropped Jared off. No tears, but doggone I miss that kid. He has sent a couple of letters and he loves the MTC.

Jake has had a great baseball season! His quick reflexes allowed him to jump out of the way of a wild pitch. I think he's got a pretty good ballet move there. Anyway, the team is in tournament play now and they have won all their games so far (its single elimination). While we were in Utah, he hit a home run over the Shepherd fence. Wouldn't you know, he'd do that while we were out of town. He's been the team's catcher most of the time and plays in the outfield once in a while. He's hoping to make the All-Star team for Red Mountain Juniors Little League.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Curt having fun at the football game
Amazing fish, Curt.
Having a great time in Logan with Jacque and Curt!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I can't believe summer break is near over. School begins next Wednesday. YIKES!
Our summer started out with us painting the inside of our home. Our realestate agent said it would sell much faster if we lightened the walls. I really didn't think they were that dark, but, oh well. Anyway, two months later, we still aren't done painting (2 rooms to go). The house probably would have sold just as fast if we left it alone. Its still not on the market. I'm tired of this project and we will probably have this same project once we find a home in Yuma.
We ended our summer vacation by attending the Naegle Reunion at the Naegle Ranch (my mom's side of the family) up near Vernon, AZ. It was sooo muuuch fun! It started out with Rob coming up from Yuma Wednesday evening with a brand new HHR (I think its a small SUV, I don't know how to describe it). This is a huge advancement for the Dana Clan, for you see, we have never, ever bought a brand new vehicle. We took advantage of the 'trade in your clunker' to get a more fuel efficient vehicle. Rob will use it to drive back and forth from Yuma. We broke it in real good, especially on the dusty, dirty mountain rode. We left Thursday morning for Vernon, which is between ShowLow and Springerville. We stopped and visited with my mom and dad before we headed on up to the pines. There were only a few families on the ranch today. The rest will come up tomorrow. We had the tents set up in no time at all and we kicked back for the rest of the evening. The stars were beautiful - zillions of them. Friday we woke up to the bugling of elk down in the meadow. Jacob lost count but estimated that there were about 75 head of elk. This was the only morning we saw them. One of the activities for Friday was to go to the Snowflake Temple. The youth would do baptisms while their parents did a session. As we were pulling away from our campsite, we saw a bear. The bear was pawing at an old stump looking for bugs and whatever for its breakfast. It was a cute thing, but I'm glad we were in the car. It soon saw us and strolled away - didn't seem to be too scared of us. And of course, my battery was dead on my camera, so no picture. I'm hoping I can charge the battery at the temple. We had quite a few show up for the temple excursion. This was the first year for this activity and we hope to continue it for all upcoming reunions. And I was able to charge my camera battery at the temple. The Snowflake Temple is beautiful. We had lunch in Taylor and then headed back to the ranch for a nap. During down times, Rob and one of the boys would go on a motorcycle ride. That evening we enjoyed a dessert pot luck. YUM! We have good cooks in this family - cobblers, cookies, cakes, oh my! Saturday greeted us with a breakfast prepared by the Guy Nicoll Family. They served us pancakes, scrambled eggs, chorizo, biscuits, gravy, and fruit. What a meal! After dishes were done and the ramada cleaned up we headed to the old homestead to have the family picture taken. A softball game in the afternoon kept the youth busy and the younger ones were occupied with crafts under the ramada. The John Nicoll family brought up a couple of horses from the lower ranch and offered rides to the youngsters. For dinner Johnny Naegle and his family provided a Navajo Taco Dinner. The sopapillas were so good topped with beans, chili, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. And then you could go back and get another one topped with honey or powdered sugar. After dinner we had our traditional raffle. Family members donated crafted items. This is one of the highlights of the reunion. There were lap quilts with the family brands, baby quilts, baby booties, all kinds of good stuff. The money will help our Naegle missionaries. Later that evening we had Family Home Evening by Val Whipple's family and played a game called Ha-Su-Lo. It was crazy. Wendy Terry passed out those glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces and Matt Garner had a frizbee that lit up, so, the teenagers went to an open field and played ultimate frizbee. It was pitch black and all you could see was the frizbee spinning through the air and the necklaces and bracelets seemed to be floating. What a blast. When that was done, Jared, Ammon, and Jake played Uno with their cousins, the Terry's. We had a good nights sleep until about 4:00am when a screech owl decided it was much too quiet in the camp. Or maybe he was looking for breakfast. Watch out Dixie, you might be his dessert. Sunday morning we went to sacrament meeting down in Vernon and then came back up the mountain for our own Sunday school. Family history stories were shared on Charlotte Naegle Jones and Ethel Verena Naegle Nicoll (my grandmother) ending with bearing of testimonies. After lunch, we broke camp and Robert, Jared, and Ammon headed back down to the valley while Jacob and I spent the night with my parents. It was a good visit with my mom and dad. Jake and I arrived back in Mesa about noon on Monday. This turned out to be an exceptionally good reunion. It would have been a great reunion only if we could have had Jacque and Curt join us. We really missed them. Hopefully they can make the next one in two years.
Dog gone it, I still have 2 rooms to paint.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If any of you think you have the best daughter-in-law in the whole world you are all dead wrong. Jacque is the best daughter anyone could ever be blessed with. And Curt blessed my life by marrying her. She endured her computer-illiterate mother-in-law's inability to post a picture on a blog. I think I understand it. Thanks for being so patient with me, Jacque, you are a sweetheart and I love you dearly.

We had a fun Memorial Day yesterday. The day started out with Jacob and Rob posting flags around our neighborhood. What a grand site to see the American flag flying in so many yards. Ammon went to a Diamondback's game (too bad they lost). Jacob went to Sunsplash, had a ton of fun, and got sunburnt. Rob, Jared and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Dana's for swimming and a cookout. Rob's siblings and their families were there. It was a nice crowd. Grandma furnished the meat and the rest of us filled in with salads and desserts. Rob became the official griller.

As soon as we got home, Rob began packing for his week stay in Yuma. He finally got out the door at about 6:00pm. He hates to leave.

Hope all of you had a great 3 day weekend in remembrance of those who died for our country and our freedom.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Boy, has it been a long time or what! Well, maybe somebody will decide to check in on the Dana's. I'll try my best to fill you in. I think the easiest way to do this is to write highlights on each member of the family, so here goes.

Robert has started working in Yuma, AZ. His first day to report to work was May 4th. At this time he is commuting, working all week and coming home for the weekends. He rents a room from a guy he works with. During the evenings, Rob is looking for a home for us to move in to. He's narrowed it down to about 5 houses for me to look over. We'd like to be on the outskirts of town, hoping the temperature would be cooler if we lived near the citrus groves and farm lands.
Rob's very busy at work unpacking and setting up the new GM Proving Ground facility. He's been the main forklift operator. GM got rid of alot of extra overhead before they left Mesa, but, it wasn't enough. Rob says they're running out of room fast. Yuma's chamber of commerce is taking great care in trying to make the employees feel apart of the community. They put on a Cinco de Mayo dinner for them and introduced them to business leaders and town officials. Rob took this past week off from work to be home for graduation and to take the boys to the lake. He also caught up on vehicle and home maintenance.

Curtis and Jacque are loving married life in Logan, UT. Jacque finished another semester at the USU. Both of them are working for the university; Curt in the maintenance division and Jacque in landscaping. Jacque has been called as the Primary President of her ward. Her biggest challenge: too few children, maybe 5 at the most. Curt is a counselor in the Elder's Quorum and he is still serving as the Sunday School President. To catch up on more of their activities, check out their blog.

Jared graduated!!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Oh, how we thought this day would never come. It was an unforgetable graduation experience. Rain falling throughout the ceremony. This was kind of a good thing. Long winded speakers kept it very short. The band canceled their performance. The graduates were honored and recognized, which is the sole purpose of the ceremony. Jared was honored as the 4th generation to graduate from Mesa High. Last Sunday, Jared spoke in Sacrament Meeting on the topic of priesthood. He did very well. He also performed in the ordinance of blessing the sacrament in which he also did very well. That evening was Seminary Graduation and he received his 4 year recognition and diploma. Our bishop believes Jared has nearly completed all he needs to get his Duty to God award. He will finish that up soon and then he will start preparing his papers for a mission. His braces come off in July and he turns 19 in August. He will be living with us in Yuma until he leaves on his mission. Jared also attended Prom a couple of weeks ago. He and his date were a striking couple, dressed in yellow and black. Rob let Jared pick his date up in the '36. That was a great treat for Jared. They met at another friends house and then limoed over to the dance. It has been fun living with Jared these past few months.

Ammon is quite the social guru. Every night is spent hanging out with friends. How grateful we are that he has good friends. He wants to make the varsity football team for Red Mountain High School in the fall so he's been working out and training with the team. His summer calendar is filled in with practices and football camp. He will be staying in Mesa and living with his Aunt Marla or another host family. He has put up quite a fight about moving down to Yuma. We are going to see if he can prove himself to stay in Mesa. He has inherited Rob's red pickup (or so he thinks) and he keeps it imaculate. Often times, after school, he'll be out in the driveway buffing it out to a fine shine. He gets upset if Rob or I need to use it - afraid we'll get it dirty.

Jacob has become our outdoorsman. Any chance he can get, he goes fishing. He'll fish in lakes, man made ponds, and canals. He played LaCrosse this past winter and did well for his first year. Today Rob took Jacob and a friend to Saguaro Lake to wake board. Jake rode up and down the lake behind the boat jumping the wake and 'catching air'. His older brothers better watch out; he's going to give them a run for their money. Jacob has mixed feelings about moving. He's made many good friends here and hates to leave them, but, he is looking forward to the new experience Yuma has to offer. There are places to fish and wakeboard along with other activities Jacob can get involved in. He does very well in school and makes friends very easily, so we think he'll do just fine. He will be going to Camp Geronimo with his scout troop here in Mesa this summer. Jacob will be busy.

As for me, school is over and along with that another season of bus driving. I will be doing some mountain training (bus driving) at the end of this month. I have been hired by Yuma transportation to drive for their schools starting in the fall. There will be some training to do with them. Moving to Yuma is such a bittersweet experience. The whole thing is quite an adventure, but there is so much to do here at home. Deciding what to take and what to donate or throw out (because the movers will pack everything I'm told - even the candy wrapper left on the floor). We will most likely rent our home here in Mesa. Robert has a renter already lined up. The boys and I will be going down next weekend to be with Rob and to get ourselves more acquainted with the community. We'll check out some homes and play.

Now that you are caught up with the Dana Clan, our family hopes that you are well and doing fine. May God bless you in all that you do for good. Peace be with you. Love always, Jacque.


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